New Madrid- Barajas Airport Terminal

Madrid, Spain

The new Terminal Building at the Madrid- Barajas Airport, designed by the renowned architect Richard Rogers and the Lamela Architects Studio, serves 35 million passengers per year, and 10,400 passengers during peak hour periods. The building has three components situated in a South-North pattern, which include a 350 m long, 57 m wide arrival and ticketing area with 174 ticketing positions; an 18-unit passenger processing, security and control area; and a 1,142 m long, 39 m wide secure passenger and gate area with 37 jet-ways to the fingers. The Terminal building has three underground and three aboveground levels, and a 150,000 sqm roof that is common to all three volumes, a seagull wing shaped roof with large overhangs. The building features a 2,890 m long, 40,000 sqm glass curtain wall that extends from the first level to the roof. 15- meter high light-filled 'canyons' divide the three volumes and provide all the levels with natural light.

Architect Rogers and Estudio Lamela.
470,261 sqm; aboveground level 228,000 sqm and underground level 242,000 sqm
35 million passengers a year
1,142 m long, 39 m wide passenger area with 37 jet- ways
Glass Curtain Wall has 42,415 sqm and is 2,890 m long
Roof has 150,000 sqm and is common to all three volumes