La Breña II Dam

Cordoba, Spain

The La Breña II Dam, located on the Guadiato River, in Almódovar del Río, Córdoba, is a rectilinear RCC gravity dam 119 meters high with a length at crest of 685 meters and an impounding capacity of 823 hm3. It was the largest RCC in Europe at the time of its construction having 1,400,000 m3 of RCC and a total volume of concrete of 1,600,000 m3.  

Altura presa: 119 m
Longitud de coronación: 685 m
Volumen de embalse: 823 Hm3
Volumen cuerpo presa: 1.600.000 m3
Volumen de HRC: 1.400.000 m3