Caruachi Dam and HPP

Guayana, Venezuela

The Caruachi Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant on the Caroni River (Guayana, Venezuela) is a 74- m high gravity concrete dam, and it has a length at crest of 809 meters. The dam has a structural volume of 1,700,000 m3 and a spillway capacity of 30,000 m3/ s. The hydroelectric power plant at the dam has twelve 180 MW Kaplan turbines for a total capacity of 2,160 MW.   The Caruachi Dam, designed for energy production, holds the world record for size of Kaplan turbines (180 MW), and its nine 22- meter high Tainter gates are also the largest in the world.

Kaplan turbine World record size (180 MW)
Turbine power output: 12 x 180 MW (2,160 MW)
Dam height: 74 m
Length at crest: 809 m
Volume dam: 1,700,000 m3
Spilway capacity: 30,000 m3/s