Portugues Dam

Puerto Rico, USA

The project included the construction of a roller-compacted concrete (RCC) thick-arch dam in the city of Ponce, in Puerto Rico. The dam is 67 m high and 375 m long at the crest; it features an integral ski-jump spillway, and has a volume of 290,000 m3 of RCC. The project also included the construction of a crest access road, an intake structure, and a valve house with a control room. Thermal limitations for concrete fabrication and placement required the installation of a coarse aggregate cooling system (chilled water tunnel), and an ice flakes plant. Climatic and material availability conditions at the site necessitated the construction and operation of auxiliary facilities such as an aggregate processing plant, a sand washing plant, a high speed concrete conveying system, and two on-site concrete plants.

Dam height: 67 m
Length at crest: 375 m
RCC volume: 290,000 m3