Calaveras Dam

California, USA

The Calaveras Dam will be one of the largest dams built in the State of California within the last 30 years. It will replace the existing dam, which has been operating since 1925. The new dam will be 67 m high, with a length at crest of 370 m and a width at the base of 360 m. Construction of the new dam and spillway will require over 3.5 million m3 of excavation and construction of the embankment will require 2.7 million m3. The dam is designed to withstand a 7.25 magnitude seismic event; the dam sits atop the Calaveras Fault, an active fault located only 450 m from the dam axis. Maintenance of the existing water supply during the project duration is a critical contractual requirement, and the existence of natural occurring asbestos materials (NOA) requires strict environmental protocols for the excavation, embankment works and development of disposal sites.

Dam height: 67 m
Length at crest: 370 m
Excavation: 3,500,000 m3