Metropolitano Lima

Lima, Perú

This is a 35 year concession project, including financing, design, construction, operation and maintenance of Line 2 as well as a stretch of Line 4 of Lima Metro connecting the city with the international airport Jorge Chávez.

Line 2 runs from station Puerta de Callao till station Municipalidad de Ate and includes 26,87 km of tunnel, 27 stations (two interchanges), three third track, parking garage in Santa Anita and 27 ventilation and emergency shafts. Will joint 13 districts improving the mobility of  2,4 millons of citizens. Also will allow the interconnection with Metropolitano on Estación Central, with Line 1 of Metro on Station 28 de Julio, and with the future Lines 3 and 4 of Metro de Lima y Callao.

The stretch of Line 4 runs from Station Gambetta till station Carmen de la Legua and includes 7,66 km of tunnel, 8 stations (one interchange), a parking garage in Bocanegra and 8 ventilation and emegency shaft.

Excavation is done by two TBM operating on EPB mode as well as SEM for a portion of tunnel of 8 km above the water table  

Length 33,53 km
Excavation diameter: 10,25 m.
Excavation volume: 2,76 MM m³
Inner diameter: 9,26 m
Completion year: 2020