Insulated Vertical Breakwater In Isla Verde

Algeciras, Spain

In order to provide shelter to the new Eastern Quay (also constructed by DRAGADOS), a new 2,020 m long insulated vertical breakwater is constructed, conformed by 43 caissons 34 m high. The breakwater axis runs parallel to the new Eastern Quay, with a separation of 413 m, and goes through water depths up to 45 m. The caissons are perforated from elevation -1.00 m upwards, with dissipating chambers which are extended along the two outer row of the caisson cells, both in the sea side but also in the harbour side of the caissons, in order to reduce wave reflections in front of the structure.

Breakwater length: 2 km
Caissons: 43 units
Stone Works for rubble mound berm: 1,432,000 m3
Cells’ infill: 1,127,000 m3